Are you ready to achieve break-through results?
It only takes saying “I am going to do it NOW.”


Coaching Utilizes A Five-Step Process:

  • Clearly Stated Goal
  • Utilization Of Assessment Tools
  • Information Gathering
  • Establish A Solution Based Plan Of Action
  • Achievement Accountability And Check In

“Lucy worked with me during a period that I was reassessing my professional career and unsure what direction to take. She helped me focus my thinking, marshal my courage and above all, be honest with myself in order to make some very critical changes in my life.” – Lou, Managing Director and Senior Vice President

Special Life Coaching Offer
A special 30-minute coaching session for $45 with Lucy. To set up an appointment call
651-353-4283 or email Lucy at


Examples of Presentations:

  • Making The Most Of Change
  • Finding Your Passion
  • Discovering What Is Important To You
  • Exploring Communication Styles

“Lucy presented to our IAAP Minnesota River Valley Chapter. Her ‘Find Your Passion’ concept was very appealing at this time of change and the new economy. Our entire group was pleased and motivated and found some helpful “life” suggestions.” – Louise, Sales and Marketing Representative


  • Spiritual Response Consultant works with SPIRIT and the individual’s High Self to access soul records
  • It is a meticulous, step-by-step method of researching the subconscious mind and the soul records
  • Identifies possible programs, blocks or obstacles the individual is holding
  • Activates the individual’s positive potential
  • The process enables the individual to determine the next steps to take to achieving health, happiness, and spiritual growth

“The clearing (Spiritual Response Consultation) work helps me to focus, identify the issue, acknowledge, move with it and move on. Lucy helps me to see what I maybe already knew with a new awareness. A clearing is refreshing, exhausting and energizing.” – Maureen, Asst. Principal


  • Is a Meditation process that helps our mind speak to our body
  • It creates energetic healing on the physical, psychological and spiritual healing
  • The healing occurs on the Theta brain wave level by connecting to the “Creator of all that is”
  • Theta Healing session clears and heals conscious and old subconscious mind programs and blocks
  • Theta Healing session shifts negative beliefs to more positive ones
  • For a Theta Healing session the client is required to give permission for it to occur